The airbag jeans project is lead by Airbag Inside Sweden AB, an airbag & clothing company based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The company's founder Moses Shahrivar invented the airbag jeans in 2018 and applied a patent for it in 2019. Moses has many years of experience in developing motorcycle jeans and he started his career 15 years ago by developing the world's first motorcycle jeans (with leather lining) in a collaboration with Harley-Davidson, 2005.


The project is today 2020 a part of EU's smart textile accelerate program "Smart X" and has received 150 000 Euro in funding. The funding is used to develop the current airbag jeans with mechanical airbag activation into an electronic activation of the airbag. Researchers from Chalmers University are creating the airbag trigger algorithm together with our partner company Detecht Technologies AB. More partners are included in the project and the Airbag Consortium A.D.A.M was created in 2020 to include all the key partners.

Our goal is to create the safest motorcycle pants for riders to eliminate or reduce injuries occurring to the lower body in a serious motorcycle accident.


According to, U.S. Department of Transportation – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Study: “Lower Extremity Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes”, the lower body suffers more injuries than the upper body in an extreme motorcycle accident. The injuries on the lower body parts are less life threatening but tend to be more permanent because the rider survives. This makes the long-term costs for the society much higher for injuries occurring on the lower body parts than on the upper body parts. According to that study, the distribution of the lower
extreme injuries in motorcycle crashes, according to the study are, leg 27%, pelvis 18%, knee 16%, thigh 11%, foot 10%, ankle 10%, hip 4% and other 4%.


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